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Technology criticism evokes visions of loom-smashing Luddites and told-you-so Cassandras. Something about criticism in the context of technology seems to suggest that technological change is problematic, or something to be resisted entirely. Yet other forms of cultural criticism don’t share this fault-finding burden.
Sara M. Watson, in Constructive Technology Criticism 4 Outubro 2016

Ah!, loom-smashing Luddites and told-you-so Cassandras, technology criticism e a problemática do technological change que deve ser resisted entirely e other forms of cultural criticism que don’t share this fault-finding burden...Get it?

Intervalo na nossa tese. Fazendo um browsing às teses dos outros - damn right!: a nossa ideia de entretenimento em down time é folhear 120 páginas de PDF for tha fun of it...- esta publicada hoje tocou-nos num nervo, & u guys know we're itchy. Enfim, se tens prestado atenção, anda na ordem do dia por aqui nos últimos tempos a coisa da tecnologia. Ora -

We aspire to be essayistic; we aspire to be constellational in our thinking, and we aspire to be incisive and insightful. Those are all traits of criticism. A lot of our work also is about naming things that don’t have a name yet.
Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic, da Sara

Fuck. O que queremos fazer aqui pelos teens está demasiado perto do que acabámos de citar. Mas vcs tb sabem o que pensamos desses tais dos críticos. Problema. Vamos ter que pensar nisso. Não há grande margem de erro:

Criticism, in the context of technology, seeks to make meaning out of technological change.
tech critics “observe and pay attention to tools and objects of power as they come into the world … and imagine the application of those tools and extrapolate into how they’ll shift the environment around them to better understand what the good and bad of them [might be]
Clive Thompson, The New York Times Magazine e Wired ainda da Sara
The difference is a reviewer is trying to stay current and is interested in telling you whether or not something is worth your money. If something is a terrible game, they will say, “This is a terrible thing to play.” A critic is someone who is interested in the meaning of games and so it doesn’t matter whether or not the game is any good. I would frequently write about terrible games because they did something that was interesting.
Thompson, Sara...

Mas se calhar nem estamos a falar de tech. Comix no digital, web, webcomics: sim, o que deve isto à tecnologia...?

I define technology as the tools and systems, as well as the design and use of those tools, that people in their everyday lives.


Bem. Teremos que ter o cuidado de não cair na crítica e evitar opinar demasiado (*). Mas... com todo esse "cuidado" ainda caímos naquele outro discurso que tb abominamos: o de jornalista-que-faz-de-conta-que-não-é-tendencioso. Eeee segue-se gráfico:

Da conclusão:

There is no question that technology is a significant part of everyday life. Journalists and critics alike are in a position to help articulate and understand our relationship to technology. While technology coverage has matured in recent history, there is still room for improving the quality of writing to address the most nuanced and complex issues facing society today.

"Journalists and critics alike" já o sabias daqui. OS POSITIVOS: "help(ing) articulate and understand our relationship to technology" e "improving the quality of writing to address the most nuanced and complex issues facing society today" é nome do meio. Voltaremos aos media, webcomics e tu para breve.

* "não cair na crítica e evitar opinar demasiado": right!

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