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info based comics

Continuando de life and work, mas not in a good way e a caminho de fds prolongado: we got comics!, we got $$$!, we got "meme based comics with hight exposition, static storytelling". Yeah: we-got-game!

É o último parágrafo que fecha o círculo completo.

"Illustrated Salaryman in Japan, Really clean cartoony stuff, and definitely comics. The drawings themselves are classic manga". E ainda, dizemos nós, middle management is fo'suuuuuckeeerks!

Comics are a diverse medium. It’s one of its many perks.

Words and images right? The stage on which comics perform varies drastically within them.

  • Most modern mainstream comics ape a cinematic feel. Mainly dialogue driven stories (usually a lack of exposition or prose) with consistent art and setting, which uses framing, light and angles to alter mood or tone. An obvious choice, very accessible to most people, and usually effective.
  • In contrast, many older and independent comics use more consistent angles and shots, with more exposition and a lenient use of cartooning symbols, I.E. sound effects, accent lines, and cartoonish exaggeration to alter tone, and mood.
  • There is a third method, which is the one I wanted to focus on for this article: Infographics. These comics are completely exposition driven - if there is a word balloon it’s usually a single word to accent the drawing or sound effects.

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You can cram a tremendous amount of story into an incredibly small page count. This differs from cinematic comics a lot. It is incredibly clear story telling with little to intemperate. On the flip side it is rigid and not very juicy storytelling.
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It’s a very funny read

Compactar informação num "small page count". Daquele "flipside" desconfiamos que o conseguimos flipar de volta se o fizermos bem. Normalmente: com ironia ou sátira.

While not necessarily what we think of when we think of comics, I think that this style can easily be argued to be part of the sequential narrative umbrella. I think now, especially with meme based comics, we’ll be seeing a big return of high exposition, static storytelling.
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Bom fim‑de‑semana folks, este gaijo tem um livro para ler.

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