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What do you do when someone attacks your friend? You beat the shit out of them

Terminámos ontem nos broadcast media: os TV-land-max-bullshiters. Que, de resto, é oficial, ainda que tivéssemos de esperar uma geração a mais do necessário para desmascarar a fabricação. Da mudança de paradigma, enrolado às nossas teses e a jeito de intro:

Mainstream media hasn't been the best lately. Routinely slated for extremely legitimate reasons. The public's trust in journalists and TV anchors is at an all-time low and for good reason. For nearly a decade now, a generation has been deciding for themselves who they want to listen to, and social media has already outstripped TV as the go-to news source for 18- to 24-year-olds.
in "The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media" 3 maio 2017

Dessa relação aos media por geração, aqui.

This is no huge surprise: People on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are infinitely more relatable—guys and girls like you and me, not members of the mainstream media, who have apparently been lying through their teeth to us for the past ten years.
in "The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media" 3 maio 2017

Se o excerto acima foi demasiado ligeiro, reforcemos: enter a cultura youtube.

Antes e importante desde já: fuck a cultura youtube. Chamem-nos elitistas snobs, acusem-nos de agarrados a velhos formatos, mas o mais à frente que nos podem empurrar no digital é mesmo para a palavra e a imagem parada. Se já se esqueceram tratamos de teses aplicadas à banda desenhada: o vídeo não está nos nossos horizontes, nem o áudio, e cuidado com o até onde pensam que vamos com a interactividade. Hey, não somos perfeitos, bite me. Dito isso, go full fledge multimedia que nós ficamos-nos pelo texto, é uma preferência, admitimos.

Reconhecemos a importância dos audiovisuais, a experiência cinematográfica e o documentário, mas vem-nos sempre primeiro à cabeça a novela e o jornal da noite. Fuck’em. Reconhecemos o potencial do vídeo online, mas vem-nos à cabeça o Youtuber. Fuck’em. A sua relação às pressuposições de formatos como os Big Brothers e afins são tão óbvias que nem justificam a fundamentação. 

YouTube culture: they're like us, these people. They play games, they fart around, they like memes. So viewers relate to them not as celebrities, but almost as friends, like the chat-room pals we all made in the early days of the internet.
in "The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media" 3 maio 2017

Introduções feitas, porquê o registo?
Porque a mesma revolução do digital que afecta os media parece estar a chegar ao boss level. Para arquivo, um primeiro arrufo de penas.

Recently, though, old media has started to bite back, threatening the autonomy and income of established online personalities.
in "The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media" 3 maio 2017

E, mais directamente ligada às nossas teses -

This is about people with millions of fans getting political and calling journalists falsifiers, as well as a brewing war between old and new.
in "The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media" 3 maio 2017

Importa-nos o ângulo, e neste caso, falamos de -duh- $$$. Tópico que já abordámos anteriormente no contexto do Youtube. Mas esse arrufo fornece-nos material para outras considerações. Consideremos.

Why the mainstream media would want to jeopardize the incomes of YouTubers. Is it jealousy, malice, or subterfuge?
For something as vastly influential as YouTube, it's bizarre that the mainstream media has so far kept such a distance. Perhaps it just assumed its hegemony was untouchable. Or maybe these people just don't want to look it in the face, because the rate of change is terrifying—mini cultures and trends incubated, disseminated, and killed off in days.

The two would have quite happily existed separately from each other, but they're now beginning to sniff around each other's butts. Controversy has been courted, and this creates potential problems for both sides. While previously YouTubers might not have cared about what the Wall Street Journal has to say, now their incomes are being affected, and they're going to be forced to pay attention.
in "The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media" 3 maio 2017

Já sabes que deves seguir o dinheiro. Mas escolhemos este registo por duas razões adicionais. Comunidade, e contexto.

Exemplo: PewDiePie. Duas comunidades diferentes, dois contextos diferentes.

The reaction of the mainstream news and Pewd's army of fans is considerably different.
PewDiePie cracking wise about the Holocaust means nothing to his fans—just another zany prank to file along with the rest. In outlets like the Wall Street Journal, however, it's met with shocked disapproval—first that he would think to do something like this, and second that he would receive such overwhelming support from his subscribers.
It's no surprise the WSJ is confused by the reaction of his fans, as stars like PDP have a very different relationship with their followers to the one WSJ has with its readers. When a public figure is your friend, you give him or her the benefit of the doubt, just as you would a friend in real life. Even if what he or she does is totally fucked up, you'll use all the mental gymnastics available to you to alleviate your favorites of responsibility.
in "The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media" 3 maio 2017

E contexto:

The main tool utilized here is the word "context"

Entrada que abrimos hoje mas trataremos dela com o devido cuidado posteriormente. Ainda que a sua primeira aparição seja uma boa base de partida à definição a alcançar:

The majority of the time the context maxim doesn't work; it just exposes the willful ignorance of these people, who often refuse to take responsibility for their actions.
in "The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media" 3 maio 2017

Novamente, voltaremos a esse tópico. E voltando ao caso em mãos, impunidade.

And why should they? What the mainstream press has to say about them is largely irrelevant; their fans will still subscribe, their ads will still generate millions in revenue and their work and money won't be affected.
in "The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media" 3 maio 2017

Sabemos que o Youtube está a usar as mesmas práticas que se provaram eficientes na imprensa nos seus heydays de excessos: cortar o financiamento. Tal como a publicidade forçou os media no passado a encontrar um discurso consensual, os youtubers estão a ser domados - com as mesmas excepções de sempre, aquilo do too big to fail.

[Youtube] definition of "controversial" seems to have changed.
PewDiePie himself seems largely unaffected by the controversy; at this point, he's just too big for even a Holocaust gag to send him under. However, the same can't be said for other channels with influences that aren't quite as gigantic. Many channels have begun to complain that their videos are being demonetized.
in "The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media" 3 maio 2017

E da fabricação de consensos e consentimentos que se transformam em algo de problemático, também já todos aprendemos desses heydays da imprensa.
Coincidências (?), no dia seguinte à peça citada duas outras notícias sobre o nosso tópico de hoje, evidência que estão a entrar no geist do folclore popular. Comunidades, contexto, youtubers, novos e velhos media. Não os vamos resumir em pleno, terão que ler, mas fica o apontamento.

De comportamentos que não se traduzem entre realidades. Quando "mudam a programação" e a comunidade se revela mais resistente e dotada de ferramentas para o expor.

"We built a relationship with the hosts. It was a genuine community."
Used to be that when a beloved media property was replaced, you found out by flipping the dial. Maybe you'd tap the 2- or 3-digit channel number on your remote, only to find that a beloved radio or TV channel had switched formats. On Thursday, the Internet equivalent happened to a once-beloved YouTube channel—and showed exactly why those old days of quiet format swaps aren't so easy to do anymore.
But modern entertainment isn't like the days of old. Now, those actions sit right next to 500 "comment" buttons and light up as trackable activity
Most commenters were clear that they had not subscribed just for the idea of a "nerd" channel but because of the access and communication they had with the original content creators, who had all been fired when SourceFed shut all of its feeds down last year.
in "YouTube channel tries swapping hosts, gets caught by 1 million subscribers" 4 maio 2017

Além dos outlets óbvios para demonstrar esse descontentamento -twitter!- recomendamos o gráfico live online como solução visual interessante. 

Comunidades, contexto, youtubers, novos e velhos media, yadda yadda yadda, e porque nos mantemos à distância das comunidades que nos são mais próximas. Não falamos de cómicos -ainda que a espécie também se cruze ao youtubismo - mas do straight-edge vegan. Tha shame, oh tha shame!

“You have nothing. You have nothing. Fuck you. You’re a creep. And you’re lying big time. I want you to show the receipts”
Both Marlowe and Scanlon are part of a fast-growing subgenre of YouTubers who have “drama” channels.  And vegan YouTubers are really, really into it. 
To understand how things got to this point, you need to take a step back and understand the uniquely free-wheeling dynamic of vegan YouTubers, who seem prone to more drama than most social media communities.
in "Vegans On YouTube Love Drama. But This Woman Says It’s Gone Too Far" 4 maio 2017

Com toda uma moral edificante aos teens que seguirem a ligação. E porque todas as fábulas devem ter a sua moral, terminamos com a citação que a resume já que algumas coisas não mudam. Então como agora, mesma máxima:

Well, I guess we’ll have to leave it to the viewers.

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