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chronicles of a bored bourgeoisie

I didn’t make it to Beja this year.

The rest of this text should be read on the knowledge it’s a fucking hot day out there and I’m chilling on my balcony sipping cold ones and putting my feet up ever so often…

wonder what’s new in tha world of comics…? a doctoral dissertation in graphic novel form? sure, why not? I’m game for that...

I’m not into music: I’m into punk and hip-hop. I’m into music with a message. If it ain’t saying shit, I’m not listening.

My preferences are definitely anchored around any angry guy with a grudge, a mic, and a heavy beat. But while I do tend to favor the industrial-hardcore-metal cadence of the call to arms, I can easily slip into an entire afternoon of reggae or sing along to Pete Seeger or Billy Bragg. And I like my comics tha same way. I have guilty pleasures, I’ll even read stuff I don’t particularly like for tha sake of going thru the motions, but mostly I’m into the message, the meaning, tha means to an end. If it doesn’t prompt me to act, I’m not coming back to it.


I’m not into comics, I’m into the message, and I’m not getting jack shit to read.

I’m bored with comics. They ain’t even down time anymore, they’re just dumb time. I still stick with them ‘cuz a) the object thingy, might as well go-ahead finish decorating those shelves now; b) …yeah, that’s it, no other reason, really.

My particular tastes are based on the 60’s underground comix, and all those 90’s alternative comics added the twist I can relate to. But for a world in turmoil, I don’t think the medium is putting out how it should. Nowadays, I get more out of editorial cartoons than your average full-length graphic-novel-thingy. And don’t get me started on the all artsy-fartsy-piece-of-crap---.

So Beja made no sense to me this time around and I don’t think it will for a long while, if ever again: I just can’t relate to the celebration of a medium outside of a message (*).

* I will, however, get in the habit of going to Lousã if that sticks around long enough.

Well, any-ho, thank you web! You made it easy to follow up on whatever with little care and without movin’ my increasingly lazy bourgeoisie ass. I know I should be out there acting out, this world is in dire need of the wrong kind of scum like me to pend the balance back in the right way again, but I can’t be bother: way too bored right now (**).

** Well, not really "bored", more like "off": something's definitely off.

I still have a need for comics, but… for fuck’s sake: that’s why I draw my own!

Later, dudes, gotta go refill: hot-hot day. Here’s the mandatory “me in Beja” photo op we do every time:

Yeah so I didn’t go, but,here’s me, and I’m from Beja, so, still counts ;)

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