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os zines estavam certos

Reclamávamos que no NL continuam a publicar peças para lá do prazo anunciado (*), mas estão perdoados com o wink que hoje nos devolvem às teses. Em apenas duas novas peças, o essencial de um ano dOS POSITIVOS. Primeiro, o problema.

The Times has announced 2018 will be the "Year of the Audience" (notice: not "the public," not "the readers," but "the audience")

The rich get richer, the poor scramble.

In 2018 and beyond, it’s only going to be more expensive to maintain a successful news website. That will lead to further inequality between big and small news organizations. The big will become bigger, and the ones that are smaller, well, they will have to scramble for audience.

Further concentration of news organizations is unavoidable. In this darkest timeline, the admission price of the news business is just too expensive for the little guys.

It wasn’t supposed to be that way. The internet, after all, would be the domain of the long tail: those smaller websites that can still find their niche audience and be competitive, even if there are few really big players. But in 2018 and beyond, acquiring and keeping an audience is going to take more tech expertise and all-around firepower.

Sure, it’s great that we have journalism behemoths out there, doing their amazing work. But think of all the news that wouldn’t be covered or the perspectives that would be lost if all the smaller newsrooms went away.
in "The rich get richer, the poor scramble" dez 2017

Segundo, a (nossa) proposta. Ainda do batch mais recente, entre outros, "Zines had it right all along" dez 2017. Se a novidade desta contribuição te escapa sugerimos a leitura da totalidade das restantes feitas: o mais próximo a estas sensibilidades limitam-se ao solitário "Better design helps differentiate opinion and news" dez 2017.

E da sugestão feita?

"Zines had it right all along" dez 2017
( clica nas imagens para detalhe )

  • Digital will reflect qualities that make print great.
  • Zines have an enormous variety. They’re experimental and diverse.
  • Are these qualities possible in digital?
  • (Why don’t we see more of them?)
  • Digital is expressive and relatable.
  • News media will adopt these qualities.

E, acrescentamos nós, nessa altura os punx vão adoptar os news media.

* Jornalistas que se borrifam para os seus dealines? Vão dar-se bem com o mundo dos zines.