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Monica Johnson publicou no TCJ desta quinta-feira uma pequena coluna que mais ou menos resume a nossa própria posição sobre o tema: porque entrámos na BD nos anos 90, porque o underground norte-americano foi-nos o seu período e formato mais relevante, e porque cada vez menos nos relacionamos aos cómicos hoje em dia...:

"Today’s Feminist Comics: Why I Don’t Relate" por Monica Johnson, Mar 3, 2016:

"I find the feminist underground comix from the 1970s so appealing"

"The ’90s should be my generation of comics (...) the times were so heavy with identity politics (...) The comics were either too dark, too gruesome, or too didactic."

"Now, just seconds from turning forty, I’m both politicized and angry, and I long for the intensity of those ’90s comics."

Um dos comentários resume o resto:

"Not to digress from this very worthy topic, but I do find that younger alt-comics cartoonists in general are more risk averse and less inclined to throw themselves onto the page in as extreme a manner as the underground/alt cartoonists of yore. There are a number of possible reasons and tangents for this. One of them is that comics have now “arrived” and is attracting A LOT more commercial-minded cartoonists (whether they are aware of it or not), people with less of a chip on their shoulders, less intense emotional engagement with their comics."

Mas voltaremos a estes tópicos noutro dia, too little time este fds.

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