sorry folks: u forgot tha say 'please'
voltaremos quando vos for mais inconveniente

off to tha arts we go

3rd part on the “bored bourgeoisie” series
here's tha second part case u missed it

- mommy, whaaaaa's that?
-what's it good for?
-well, if ya ask ur daddy, "absolutely nothing"

( and I'll say it again! )

Bored Consumer

Tell no one, but as u might know from my opinion on artsy-fartsy, I despise modern art... Thou it’s good for tha weeones to see this sort of stuff anyway: hopefully, they’ll click and think to themselves “I could do that” and presto!, I got me a pair of artists in tha family. (*)

Still on my lazy bourgeois mode I made a quick pass on a bookstore searching for comix - should have known that would be a big nothin’…: never go browsing for comix after a couple of hours immersed on highbrow art, it will all seem so futile afterwards. Anyway I grabbed me another bunch of those Kingpin books –god bless his little heart for keeping it going- and put them down again: can’t relate, too kiddie. I wondered a little about tha last David Soares / Sonia Oliveira but felt like postponing it, maybe come summer time. Picked up two Chili Com Carne hoping to find something but they just stared me back sayin’ nothin’. Appreciate the attitude, lack the substance. I stumbled on the “Care of Birds” but as I stepped into that bookstore already bored outta my skull that went nowhere fast too. Gave up and headed out, I’m dulled by the portuguese comic scene: maybe I’m in need of stroking my own ass to get me excited about comics again…

(*) But hey! When I got home my oldest asked me to draw a comic with her: I’m one proud daddy! I’m also a Prado kind-a-guy but I’ll take these babies to Reina Sofia if that’s what it takes :)

"me times 4"
2016, photoshop on momma bear's photo
I can do arrrt too!

further masturbation