sorry folks: u forgot tha say 'please'
voltaremos quando vos for mais inconveniente

first time? drop dead.
come back on ur 3rd time around...




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for carin' about shit
I did have tha go look up tha big word in tha dictionary. turns out it means:
"substantivo masculino: ocupação remunerada e determinada a que alguém se dedica"

...and I like u!

And this was lunch. For tha afternoon there was an office birthday party: wanna know how many people I manage to piss off *? Tha-Guy-That-Draws-the-P+: anti-social-misfit-punk-4-life-yo!

* None: I slipped away first chance!

I did manage get one of these :)


Conheço-te há quase metade da minha vida e ainda me aturas apesar de por vezes -dizem- poder ser difícil - o que não percebo: as nossas BDs não nos fazem divertidos e simpáticos?

from tha comics u brought back:

as an adult, I was extremely vain and had no ability to laught at myself. I realize now that sometimes trying to suppress or eradicate something is more damning than just letting it be. You can't erase he past, and that goes doubly for someone who chooses to foist his work onto the public. I don't know that vanity can ever be truly overcome, but you can force yourself to laught at yourself, and you can try to be at least a little proud of what you've done. It's in that spirit that I present to you the contents of this box.

---what I keep deep inside my own box: I Luv You.
I still-and-always-will pack up my shit and follow u whenever tha time comes.

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