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So last weekend I was kinda feeling all good about stuff and shit, I even came up with another installment of “…previously” without a care in tha world, just messing around with dick jokes and playing lightly with heavy stuff, and it was all fun & games and I didn’t make much of it. I was in a good mood, and everything felt right, I let it flow freely.

UPDATE  jul 2016: yet another disclaimer

Fun fact:

Whenever I’m in a good mood, my comics come out about people screaming and busting each other’s balls! Wicked!

Later momma lion read tha story and said:

“Sooooo… what does it mean?”
“Oh, u know, nothin’, just letting them punx horse around…”

But momma lion’s is kin to my stuff, so she pushed it:

“Yeah, I can see that, but you usually hide shit in your comix, is there anything else to it?”

Now, I usually do hide shit in my comix, mostly because they’re a sort of personal-zone-out-trance-mode-auto-pilot thingy I do to cleanse my head, so stuff gets drawn to paper that I myself only realize later.

Fun fact 2:

I mix this unconscious mode with a very conscious one where I tell all sort of people to drop dead. Add to fun fact 1 and u just know I must be a very pleasant person!

On momma lion’s challenge to decipher some deep inner meaning to the last “…previoulsy”, I’m givin’ it a go:

but first, two things: a) I present you my interpretation of it after tha damn thing was drawn, so I’m just guessin’, and b) fuck yeah, let’s make this a new feature of OS POSITIVOS: whenever anyone picks up on an oddity in my comix, just put in a request for interpretation, I’ll be happy to break it all down for u guys… sure!

So, where to start?


Well, them punx are shouting my name a lot, that must mean something.

But than we go from a close frame to a very wide one, hardly figuring out who is who. In it, I even highlighted stuff on red for no apparent reason...

And we go back to same frame as before, sticking to it thru the rest of the story.

OK, oddity picked up, there’s something in that zoomed out frame I didn’t want people to see. So let’s dig in! Let’s break down the scene, shall we?

What do we know to start? There seems to have been an accident. U go all mumbo-jumbo about that, I’ll just skip forward.

And first comes this guy:

Now, if u know this guy from the P+ folklore, the part he plays here should be easy to pinpoint:

So let’s look at what he’s up to:

He’s holding the cross wrench. So let’s go metaphysical on it:
the dude has a cross to burden.

So what does a highly intelligent and logic individual do when he has a problem?


…he passes the problem to someone else! Tha fucker!!!

Now, to whom does he pass it out?

We know whom, we saw them all lined up on the very first page. That’s right, next in line we had the X man, and now he’s the one holding the cross.

And what’s his part on this and every other P+ comix? He plays:

And what does he do to the cross he must bear?

(yeah, these guys are pricks!)

So, passing the bucket around, we come to the end of the line. Here’s the man with tha bat, minus the bat.

But wait, minus tha bat AND the cross. What gives?


I don’t really know what’s happening there, but I guess it has something to do with M part on this tragedy we call P+. Hey M, can you hold up your card, please?

Yeah, that was a no brainer…

Well, now that we got all those pieces together, what of it?! I guess it comes back to yet another story still on stand-by, remember this one:

it comes down to: still not his turn

And I’ll be making it my new year’s resolution: let that cross rust on the ground, I can fix shit without it & fuck a world of pain, the gimp’s not comin’ out.

Or, it's all fun & games and don’t make much of it.

Just, don’t go messing with tha punk…

but it's comin'